The ability to elicit, assessing opportunities.

Cloud Enablement

The cloud makes it rather tempting to rush in and start provisioning technology, but it can quickly become unwieldy and chaotic.

Artificial intelligence & image processing

We develop artificial intelligence that is used to analyze financial markets.

Cloud Migration

With increased efficiency and enhanced continuity, there are many benefits to moving to the cloud, but multiple workloads is no mean feat.

Managed Security

We ensure changes in security don’t hinder performance and business agility because, quite simply, all three are crucial to success.

Cloud Strategy

When you apply a technical mindset to board-level problems, the cloud conversation becomes far more profound.

System Integrations

Help enterprise customers realize the business value of cloud computing as a Citrix System Integrator (SI).


Some of our past projects are

Managed Platform as a Service for a fast-growing startup

Challenge: Meeting the demands of their rapidly scaling Device as a Service business.

From legacy, on-prem tech to dedicated cloud

Challenge: Hundreds of on-premise servers and an upcoming office move.

Replatforming a Client-Facing, Mission Critical Application

Challenge: They needed SaaS flexibility from a legacy software application first built in the 1980's.

High-performance Hosting for Forensic Investigation Services

Challenge: Client projects require very high-performance infrastructure, limiting the hosting options available to the business.

Deploying Dedicated Infrastructure in new Territories​

Challenge: Improving application functionality and integration with multiple platforms.

Creating Cloud-Native APIs for a Edtech Consultancy

Challenge: Improving application functionality and integration with multiple platforms.

Whats our clients said
about Cloud Solutions

David Hicks

IT Manager at A&M

Cloud Solutions held our business save money and work ore efficiently with our Private Business Cloud and Virtual Application Solution. We had replaced our costly traditional IT with more efficient and cost effective solutions from Binary Systems.

James Ridsdale

Managing Director at dataJAR Ltd

Cloud Solutions host several applications on our particular account, along with a dedicated VDI. that's allows us to not waste the performance of our computer, and navigate through the different applications using the dedicated resources that the vendor provides.

Jack Karikas

Chief Executive Officer at RUBIX.

It is great to work for a company that is open to new ideas and suggestions. We have the ability to manage our desks, create our daily schedules. The Executive IT Team has an open door policy, so you have support whenever you need it. Engineers and IT Managers are constantly learning about people, technologies, companies and different industries. It is very satisfying helping people resolving technical issues and helping companies find best IT solutions that they need.

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